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BH Leadership

Dedicated to Creative Professionals.

Brad Wilson’s desire to help creative companies spawned from his experience working on the financial side of architecture and engineering firms.

As controller and CFO of successful architecture firms and a consultant with PSMJ Resources, Brad discovered that many small- to mid-sized creative companies face similar challenges.

Armed with this knowledge and a passion for helping companies reach their potential, Brad is ready to go to work for your company.

A consultant and Certified Management Accountant, Brad Wilson has helped several creative companies realize greater efficiencies and profits.

In his experience as a consultant with PSMJ Resources, Brad has advised and trained owners and senior managers of creative companies on financial management, technology, leadership development, strategic planning, ownership transition, and mergers and acquisitions. As CFO of Behal Sampson Dietz, he led the strategic and short-term business planning process resulting in several years of double digit revenue and profit growth.

While Brad was with BSD, the company more than quadrupled in size and regularly ranked in the top 10% in PSMJ’s survey of financial performance.

While with Patrick + Associates – a 150 person, multi-office A/E firm – Brad implemented financial controls and management policies that steadily improved the operation of the firm until it was acquired in the early ’90s.

Academically, Brad has a bachelor’s degree in economics from The Ohio State University and a combined MBA/law degree from Capital University.