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Total Business Review

Your business is as unique as you are.

And although many of the challenges you face are similar to those faced by other small- to mid-sized creative companies, Brick House will carefully study your organization, your current systems, your people, and your clients to fully understand your business.

Only then can we begin improving your efficiency and profitability.

A total business review includes:

  • Analysis of corporate mission, vision, and organization plan with special emphasis toward client service and internal communication.
  • Examination of existing accounting and other financial management systems and reports.
  • Assessment of human resources, personnel development, motivation, performance, compensation, and ownership transition plans.
  • Analysis of profitability, workflow, and project management within and between departments.
  • Study of marketing activities and effectiveness.
  • Presentation of findings and recommendations.

And unlike the stereotypical consultants we all fear, at Brick House, we won’t just disappear once we tell you what needs changed. We’ll work with you to develop and implement a plan that will help your organization prosper to its fullest potential.