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Mergers / Acquisitions

Through its association with PSMJ’s merger and acquisitions group, Brick House can assist the owners of creative firms who are thinking about approaching ownership transition through external means or are thinking about expanding their firm through buying or merging with another firm.

Our understanding of the factors that impact the success of mergers and acquisitions between creative companies including the often overlooked “people issues” is a very valuable asset we bring to every assignment. Brick House and PSMJ do not approach mergers and acquisitions from a transactional basis. Our primary objectives whether we are working with a buyer or a seller, are smooth integration and operational continuity. We strive for that elusive 1 + 1 = 3 outcome.

Specific services provided are separated into two groups depending on whom we are working for:

Buyer Services

  • Acquisition searches
  • Pre-acquisition assessments
  • Project due diligence

Seller Services

  • Seller representation
  • Project review services
  • Leadership assessment

Additionally, all creative firms contemplating a merger or acquisition can benefit from our ability to assist with strategic alliances, business valuations and cash flow/financing options and projections.