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Business Valuation

By working exclusively with small- to mid-sized creative companies, we can provide you with a much more accurate valuation of your company than most CPAs or consultants who service a broader range of organizations.

In addition to the information contained in your financial books, our valuation process includes a thorough assessment of intangible factors. Although not easy to list in an accounting ledger (and therefore normally ignored by most CPAs), these non-financial assets have considerable value to both internal and external potential buyers.

This thorough valuation of your organization will provide you with not only a dollar amount, but also with an easy-to-understand explanation of why your organization is worth that amount.

While this figure can be immeasurably helpful to you as your organization considers or goes through a merger, acquisition, sale, ownership transition, or new partner agreement, it can also be extremely valuable by simply informing you and other shareholders of what exactly your organization is worth.