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Here to Help You.

Brick House can use its vast experience to ensure that your business is maximizing its resources.

From day-to-day accounting to a complete overhaul of your business practices, we can help your company increase efficiency and profitability.

With over 21 combined years helping creative companies realize their financial potential, we are ready to help transform your company into what you know it can be.

Founded by Brad Wilson, Brick House exists to help owners of small- to mid-sized creative companies turn their skills and passion into the most financially successful companies they can be.

Brick House has and will continue to look beyond just the numbers in the ledgers; we look at each company as the unique entity that it is.

No matter how similar all creative companies are – and no matter how many of the same challenges they might face – the right solution for one company may not be the right solution for yours.

At Brick House, you can know that every solution we propose to you and develop for you is specifically designed to meet the financial and business challenges of your company.